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Looking to build muscle? Frustrated from hitting the weights, but not seeing results? If so, your workout routine just isn't challenging your body to grow muscle. When it comes to building muscle - commonly referred to as "hypertrophy" by fitness professionals - there's definitely a science to it all. The key to growing muscle is to put the right scientific formula in place. Evolution Fitness Co-Founder and expert personal trainer, Eric Emig, gives you the formula you need in just 6 easy steps. Small changes like rep to set ratios, isolating single body parts, or even more rest could lead to huge gains. With summer approaching, put the science into practice for big results!

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Evolution Fitness Featured on The Pulse!

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Another New Year and another round of New Year's resolutions to get in shape. As personal fitness trainers in St Louis, we see it every year. Vowing to workout and lead a more healthful lifestyle is among the most common resolutions people make. 88% of New Year's resolutions will fail in spite of 52% of those surveyed feeling confident that they will uphold their resolutions, according to Richard Wiseman of Bristol University.

Resolutions fail for many reasons. Often we set goals that are too lofty and unobtainable. Other times we give up because we don't feel we are progressing fast enough. In home personal training can be invaluable in helping you set and reach obtainable goals. Evolution Fitness co-founder and personal trainer Jay Perez shares tips on making your New Year's resolution stick this year.

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10 Exercises that Work Your Legs to Exhaustion

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Ever see a guy with a muscular upper body, and then your eyes scroll down to those "chicken legs"? Lower body workouts are critical, and not just for aesthetics. Squats - also known as the "King of Exercises" - challenge every muscle in your legs, including your calves, and results in a greater release of growth hormone which means faster growth and toning. Your lower body muscles also account for the greatest percent of muscle mass in your body and more muscle means a faster metabolism. Bottom line, working out your lower body can help you tone and build muscle, and burn more calories at rest helping to lean your entire body out! Check out our tips in this Men's Fitness piece!

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Men’s Fitness: 10 Exercises that Work Your Arms to Exhaustion

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Everyone wants toned and well defined arms…everyone! And just like your shoulders, different exercises will address different areas of your biceps and triceps. For faster and more balanced strength training results, see what Evolution Fitness co-founder and other master personal trainers in New York and California recommend!

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Men’s Fitness: 10 Exercises to Work Your Shoulders to Exhaustion

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Men’s Fitness calls upon Evolution Fitness’ own Eric Emig and other top personal trainers around the country to share favorite exercises for building strength and defining your shoulders! There are numerous muscles that work together to allow for movement of the shoulder in all directions. And making sure each of those muscles is given some attention is the key to building strength and definition. Start now and in just a few months see the results!

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Men’s Fitness: The Fat Guy’s Guide to Losing Weight!

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Evolution Fitness’ co-founder and master personal trainer Eric Emig recently collaborated with Men’s Fitness to share some great tips to get you fit and lean! Weight loss isn’t rocket science. These insights will help you lose the weight and keep it off! Get the information you need to make a lasting change!

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