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If you’ve tried to lose weight, this is a MUST read!

A friend of mine struggled with his weight for a long, long time. He ran, he exercised, but diet always seemed to be the hurdle. Suddenly – in just about two months – he lost 16 lbs. I was so impressed and happy for him! I had to know what finally worked. What he shared was an easy method that could work for just about anyone.

6 Reasons Exercise Won’t Counterbalance an Unhealthy Diet

Think of that time in your life when you never had to think about calories. A time you could consume an endless supply of pizza and stayed thin as a rail. How times have changed! But even if you exercise around the clock, your body won’t transform if you repeatedly give into cravings for high-fat foods and sweets. Flat abs are made in the kitchen and polished at the gym. No amount of cardio or sit-ups will sculpt your midsection if you put no thought into the foods you eat.

5 Reasons Most Diets Fail Within 7 Days

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When it comes to diets, 2 out of 5 people quit within 7 days, 1 out of 5 will last the month and maybe make it to 3 months, this according to a recent UK survey. Each attempt can yield some weight loss, but the truth is that the short-term deprivation is just not sustainable.

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Ever starve yourself or severely restrict your diet to lose unwanted pounds? Or are you an emotional eater? A binger? Often, we accept misleading beliefs about food, even make food our enemy – it’s what causes us to feel or look less than ideal in our own eyes. But have you ever examined those belief systems that haven’t served you in the past? Have you ever stopped the hamster wheel and gone within to understand how you see food and how you manage your own nutrition? Here are 14 behaviors people with a healthy relationship with food routinely do. Our Registered Dietician Nutritionist in St Louis offers 14 tips to help you maintain a healthier relationship with food.

Manage Your Weight In Winter – 5 Tips

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With artic temperatures knocking on our doors this week, here are some simple tips from our St. Louis nutrition coach to help you maintain a healthy weight when it’s just too cold to exercise outdoors or even get to your gym.

1. What are you drinking?

Stop drinking all those calories you don’t need. Processed fruit juices and sodas are loaded with sugar and actually promote weight gain. Even those creamy hot drinks – the lattes, pumpkin or otherwise – are often high in calories.

Tip: Wean yourself off high calorie drinks. Buy natural fruit juice (no added sugars) and gradually add water to it. Work more water in until you reach a level you are happy with. Also, you can add fruit slices, drink an herbal or flavored hot tea, or make your own lattes using lower calorie milk and a pinch of sugar if needed.

A Consumer Reports Survey shows that most people who use weight loss supplements aren’t aware of how potentially unsafe or ineffective they are. Of those that tried supplements to lose weight, very few met their goal. This echos our experience as dieticians and personal trainers in St. Louis.

Of 3,000 Americans, researchers report that most consumers are confused about how supplements make it to the market, what agency regulates them, and aren’t fully aware of how save or effective they are.

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