Reshma Danak | St Louis In Home Yoga Instructor

Reshma Danak | Certified Yoga Instructor in St. Louis

About Reshma

Stressed and anxious from the pressures of succeeding in college, a friend suggested Reshma try yoga. After just one class, she knew she was hooked. Not long after, Reshma became a certified yoga instructor.

Teaching yoga gives Reshma joy. “The connection and relationships I build with clients and the empowerment they achieve learning about their bodies is amazing!” she notes. Reshma enjoys seeing the expression on her students’ faces when they “tune into themselves” and achieve body and self-awareness.

Private yoga is popular with clients that want that personal focus and a more comfortable and private environment. Most wanted to try yoga for a long time, but were nervous about participating alone in a generic yoga class with more experienced students. Reshma’s experience is that:

With in-home yoga, you don’t need to worry about what the person next to you is doing. We can make personal adjustments for your capability or restrictions and use props to help take you to different posture options as we progress. On a physical level, you will gain strength, flexibility and fluidity. On a mental level, you’ll push through the idea of discomfort, feel your muscles engaged and notice areas of the body where you store tension.”

Reshma is qualified to instruct in various types of yoga with a focus on the idea of breath plus movement to achieve optimal stress relief and fall deeper into yoga postures. Her personal yoga practice is her “me time.” It keeps her current on yoga postures and practices, and it’s something she deems necessary for her own wellness and peace of mind and body. For Reshma, it’s pretty simple: eat well, engage your body and mind, and have fun doing it!


Bachelor of Science, Human Environmental Sciences, 2013
University of Missouri, Columbia, MO


200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training, 2015
Yoga Alliance, Saint Louis, MO

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