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Jeremi Brandt | Personal Trainer in St. Louis

About Jeremi

You could find Jeremi on just about every type of field from a young age. Varsity Soccer, Baseball, Basketball, and Golf – amassing a diverse and impressive amount of years of experience given his early dedication. "As soon as I got to college, I knew what I wanted to do… it was almost natural," says Jeremi, "so I studied Exercise Science and Physiology because it seemed like a natural extension of what I was most happy doing –being active and participating in sports."

At Lindenwood University, Jeremi learned the mechanics behind what he had only before observed. He completed his Certification for Personal Training with the National Academy of Sports Medicine in 2010 and began training clients. He completed an internship with Sports Enhancement Group, LLC, as well.

"My college years taught me the physiology of the body, but I was especially fascinated by the number of scientific formulas that exist to produce specific results. This means that the exercises that you do and how much of them you do, must be personalized to your goal. i.e. toning is not the same work out as weight loss. And not all formulas are appropriate for everyone.

I rely on these formulas to create personalized programs for all my clients. Each new client is a unique fitness level, and fitness levels change as health improves from regular exercise. So it’s critical for my clients to get on the right program from the start to build upon," maintains Jeremi.

Jeremi’s hands-on experience includes personalized programs for weight loss, physical therapy patients both during and after rehabilitation, high school and college athletes, speed agility, strength training, and teen exercise.

Education and Certifcations

Bachelor of Science, Exercise Science, 2012
Lindenwood University, Saint Charles, MO

National Academy of Sports Science, NASM-CPT Certified

Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) Certified

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