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Chris Toler | Personal Trainer in St Louis

About Chris

For over 30 years, Chris has been a fitness enthusiast. “I remember as a kindergartner seeing my dad's dumbbells in the basement… I would watch him and his best friend lift weights. That was the first inkling that exercise would be important to me throughout my life.”

From early childhood, Chris was on the go whether playing ball, jump rope or running with friends. She later won the Presidential Award for Fitness and was inspired to stay fit. She was hooked on strength training after joining her first gym as a young adult. “I was never content to settle on the same workout… I continued to challenge myself.”

Her hands on experience – coupled with a lifetime of workouts and exposure to changing fitness trends – motivated Chris to pursue a career as a personal trainer.

Chris became a Certified Personal Trainer in 2011 and completed an internship at the South County YMCA. In that role, she completed fitness evaluations and orientations, and worked with group training. She was later certified to work with advanced age adults as well. In 2013, Chris successfully obtained a second certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

As a certified personal trainer in St. Louis, Chris provides fitness orientations and assessments and designs fitness programs for her clients. She continues to exercise regularly and lives the Evolution Fitness philosophy – true health from regular exercise with proper form, healthy eating avoiding processed foods, and a good night’s sleep!

“Fitness is a way of life for every stage of life. An active, healthy lifestyle produces a healthy mind & body. My greatest inspiration is when I’m able to share that with my clients. I’m passionate about challenging and inspiring others to get healthier and achieve a happier, healthier self.”

Education and Certifications

Certified Personal Trainer - 2011, World Instructor Training Schools

Certified Personal Trainer - 2013, National Association of Sports Medicine

Certified in Aging Population Fitness, World Instructor Training Schools


CPR Certified, American Red Cross

Completed Studies for WITS Personal Training, Forest Park Community College

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