Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why are we better?

    Not all personal trainers are created equal. Did you know that anyone can become a certified personal trainer by studying for and passing an exam? Lack of experience or advanced education can result in ineffective training, sometimes even leading to injury. Not so with our trainers. All Evolution Fitness trainers are professional trainers with advanced college degrees in majors like Exercise Science, Kinesiology, and Nutrition or have over 10 years of hands on experience with success stories that showcase their talent.

    In a practical sense, this means you have a fitness expert that can apply a wealth of knowledge. Our personal trainers can guide you on proper form so that you avoid injury but get maximum benefit from an exercise. They can also help you work around prior injuries or help rehabilitate them, and can draw from their background an array of exercises so as to keep the workouts interesting and ever changing. These aren’t just words. Read our testimonials from current clients, which illustrate our expertise and talent.

  • What's our philosophy?

    We believe that health is more than just a number on the scale. It’s a balance of proper exercise, nutrition, stress management and rest. This is why we offer a variety of services to help our clients reach that balance. We don’t believe in diets, but rather eating foods that are healthy. We don’t believe that for exercise to be effective, it has to be painful or create a level of soreness that affects your day-to-day activities. We don’t believe that someone is healthy if they are unhappy, over-stressed and not sleeping well. We do believe in listening to our clients’ needs and concerns and effectively addressing them.

    We function as your personal wellness concierge. You can sample some or all of our services. It’s up to you. Our approach is also collaborative. All of our personal trainers, yoga instructors, nutritionist, massage therapists, and holistic life coaches work together and consult to help you obtain optimal health.

  • For in-home training, do I need a lot of equipment to get an effective workout?

    No. For in-home training, most of our clients are surprised to learn they can get great results for just a small investment. Most of our in-home clients have a few sets of dumbbells, a stepper, an exercise ball, and a BOSU. Most – if not all – of this equipment can be purchased locally, and at a total cost of between and 0. When you consider gym fees and the cost of gas commuting to a local gym, this cost is minimal. Our fitness experts will review your exercise space, any existing equipment, and will make recommendations for purchase. Take a look at some of our current client's in-home gyms here.
  • Do you have a local gym where I can train?

    Yes. We offer personal training services at Magna Fitness Center, conveniently located in Brentwood just off of Interstate 64/40 and next to the Saint Louis Galleria. Get a preview of the Magna Fitness Center here.
  • Are there any contracts?

    No. There are not contracts and you are free to cancel anytime.
  • Can I train with a friend?

    Absolutely. You can train with your partner, spouse, family member or friend. We offer a discounted rate for couple's training.
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Evolution Fitness

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We are personal trainers and fitness experts in St. Louis.

With more than 15 years of experience we can proudly say that we are some of the best in the business.


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